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We came together as a team of London-based VCs and an academic committed to driving adoption of ESG within the VC world. Our original goal was to create value through operational best practice for our portfolios and our own funds.

Now we are building a strong team around this goal to push the industry forward as a whole.

Founding Team

Hannah Leach

Co-founder and Co-director, VentureESG; GP at Houghton Street Ventures

Dr Johannes Lenhard

Co-founder and Co-director VentureESG; Researcher and Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge

Dr Denise Xifara

Co-founder VentureESG; GP at Mercuri

Veronika Kapustina

Co-founder VentureESG; GP at Houghton Street Ventures

Ginny Watsham

Research Fellow (training); Co-Founder of VentureESG; Stanford MBA

Core Team & Research Fellows

Danika Patel

Programme Director

Cessiah Lopez

Research Fellow (web3/crypto); LLM University of East Anglia

Oliver Nixon

Research Fellow;
Co-founder of supperclub

Dr Robert Quinlan

Research Fellow (Biotech/Life sciences); Postdoc at Oxford University; Senior Medicinal Chemist at the Francis Crick Institute

Alexandrine Royer

Research Fellow (Emerging Markets)

Onyemaechi Dike

Research Fellow (Emerging Markets)

Signe Kossmann

Research Fellow (Emerging Markets)

David Coombs

Research Fellow (Materiality)

Former Research Fellows

Sarah Kiden

Former General Research Fellow; PhD Communication Design, School of Design at Northumbria University

Melissa Patel

Research Fellow (Emerging Markets)

Joanne Azem

Former Research Fellow (Human Rights); MSt. in International Human Rights Law at Oxford University

Dr Moriam Masha

Former Research Fellow (Limited Partners); PhD at Cambridge University

David Kampmann

Former Research Fellow (Limited Partners); PhD at London School of Economics

Elena Lutz

Former General Research Fellow; PhD at London School of Economics

Want to work with us?

We have a number of projects in train, and are always on the look out for those with an interest in both the venture world and ESG.

Want to partner with or sponsor us?

We are supported by industry stakeholders to drive the agenda forward and are always open to collaboration.